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Born in Rio, Maria do Sol lost her feet at 45 days old during a domestic fire.

Raised in challenges and resilience, discovered at a young age that her challenges served as opportunities to sharpen her vision, connect to Higher Self, love herself as she is, discover her power, value life, and have the sensibility to love and truly see others.

Her story is full of adventures: Born into a spiritual, loving, strong and full of art family, her parents got divorced when she was 7. 

Had to deal with emotional sickness, money struggle and addiction inside her family.

At 15 got in touch with Louise Hay's messages and herd her True Voice telling her that she was also going to be supporting people to live fully and love themselves, beginning her passion for inner growth, inspiring her to heal herself first.

At 19 had a dream that her life, the way it was going, would lead to success, money and an empty heart. A turning point in her life: she would never going to take that road.

At 21, she re-connected with George, her childhood crush, and fell in love. With him, for 7 years, she lived in a farm in Pirenópolis (Goiás state - Brazil) without electricity, connecting to her Inner Self, nature, love and raising their family. 

During those years of pure art (she is an artist), many strong challenges and immersion, she found her purpose to support other people's journey while raising her 4 daughters. Her husband, an environmentalist, has planted more than 20.000 trees and created a paradise that received people from all over the world with her support.

They left the farm, after 15 years living there, because of the calling to expand and share their knowledge and love with more people. At that point, she was already studying the law of attraction and many masters.

Became a Paralympic athlete (horsing) when she was already a mother of five.  Stopped because she got pregnant, and this fifth beautiful girl, was born from intentional pain-free childbirth, achieved with frequency elevation and beliefs transformation. This journey gave her the knowledge that we are here to create miracles and that we are much more powerful than we think we are. That became her first book, a reference in the field of parenting: "Pain-free Childbirth: You Can Do It Too" (found at Amazon).

Got in touch with coaching at 39, going to NY to a UPW Tony Robbins event, invited by her friend, Dawn Watson, from I'm not your Guru" (Netflix movie).

Many doors opened and today she is a happy mother of five, married with the love of her life for 20 years, that has chosen to have the courage to live a life full of purpose supporting people to do the same.

Today she is also an aspiring Paralympic rowing athlete and living the dream she visualized of living close to the sea at the tropical Island of Florianópolis in Brazil.

We are here to make the world a better place for us and others! To Co-create and Shine!

It can be achieved when you heal your past and relationships, change your beliefs system and habits, understand your purpose loving who you are, and learn how to connect to your Inner Higher Self to maintain your state when natural challenges come to your growth.

I am here to support you on this journey.

I Believe

in You!

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